Seven Steps Gospel Tract

The Lord Jesus Christ came to seek and save that which was lost. To be saved means forgiveness of sin, a clean

heart, and a new relationship with God. It brings new life as God imparts Christs glory and power to the human spirit.

You can take these seven steps to become a new born child of God.


Step 1 : Realise you are a sinner.

The reality of sin and death cannot be avoided. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

All are sinners by nature and by practice. We are all subject to jealousy, envy, fear, lust temper, unclean

habits etc. There is no one perfect.  We are all sinners in the sight of God.


Step 2: Recognise you cannot save yourself.

In spite of all we do, we cannot rid ourselves of sin. We cannot change our sin nature. We are enslaved

by the power of sin. Good works, religion, or self sacrifice will not remove sin from our lives. We cannot save ourselves from

sin.  Even our good works are like filthy rags before a holy God.


Step 3: Jesus died to save you.

As Jesus died, He took on himself our sinful natures. Who his own self bare our sins in His own body on the tree  (1 Peter 2v24 )

He took our sins upon Himself so that we could be saved. Jesus bore your sins and mine so we can be set gloriously free. The pure Lamb of God is the only

on who could save us.


Step 4: Repent of your sin.

Face up to the sin in your life.... Be honest with God. Tell Him the truth. Open your heart before Him and be sorry for your sin. Put things right, make

restitution if necessary.


Step 5: Invite Christ into your heart.

Christ must be on the inside of your life. Many believe in Christ but have not received Christ. Come to God in prayer. Ask Jesus to cleanse all your

sins away, to forgive you and give you a clean heart. Invite the living Christ to come into your heart. Ask Jesus to take complete control of your life. Surrender

to Him now! Believe He has heard your prayer. Thank and praiseHim for saving your soul.


Step 6: Register your decision for Christ.

Complete the decision section on the back page.

Never be ashamed to confess that you belong to the Lord Jesus Christ.


Step 7: Follow Jesus every day

Read part of the Bible each day - start with St. Johns Gospel. Pray to God simply each day. Join a local Church as soon as possible.


My Decision

From this date:- ............................... I have received the Lord Jesus as my Saviour, Lord and Master... I believe Jesus died to save me from all my sin and now I belong to Him, saved by his Wonderful Grace.


Signed .....................................................

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