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We exist to build up the body of Christ through the ministry of Bible study. We provide a free and original online commentary of the New Testament for this purpose, together with topical and Old Testament studies, provide weekly Bible studies for hundreds of pastors on 6 continents and offer a free Bible study magazine each month - Living Word.  We especially wish to serve believers around the world, and depend entirely on donations to enable us to provide translated Bible study resources freely within China, India, Pakistan, Africa and worldwide.


In addition, we supply cost price Gospel tracts in the English and Welsh languages to help churches and evangelists reach the lost for Christ. Our tracts are simple, brief and to the point. We believe this is vital to engage our readers, who may have no religious background at all. We mass distribute our tracts in towns and villages in our own area, and encourage others to do the same. At £2.99 per 50, our top quality Gospel tracts are the cheapest in Great Britain, and we can offer even greater discounts for orders of 5,000 or above. We have distributed nearly 400,000 tracts since we began this ministry in 2009.


Our books are written with the same aim in view - to minister to the church worldwide and provide high quality Bible study at the lowest possible cost.

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