It's Too Late (Noah) Gospel Tract

In a 2014 film Russell Crowe stars as Noah, a man who spent 120 years warning his generation of impending disaster. Instead of listening, they ridiculed him, and when the flood judgement came they all died. They let it Too Late to avert disaster.


Many people leave important decisions until it is too late. A close friend suddenly announced “I’ve given up smoking!” But tragically, his action came too late. A few months later he died of lung cancer.  


A young drug addict ignored advice to quit and later crashed his car and was killed.


In Bible days the sinful inhabitants of Sodom were warned of a similar catastrophe but they also ignored the warning; and when disaster struck, as fire and hot sulphur rained down on them, they perished in the holocaust. They were Too Late.  


Dear reader, are you aware that this world is heading for terrible trouble and disaster? Jesus predicted that the end of time was coming near, and that the world would see worse things happen at this time than at any other time in history. He predicted wars, earthquakes and Tsunamis, indicating that these things would take the world by surprise (see The Gospel of Matthew Chapter 24).


This time of terrible trouble will culminate when the Lord Jesus Christ returns personally to this earth.

Jesus said “The Son of Man (Jesus) will come on the clouds of heaven in power and great glory.”  Those who are not ready for his coming will be “cast into outer darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”2


Don’t realise Too Late that your sins are unforgiven and that you do not have Christ as your Saviour. It is Too Late after we die to realize our error and ask to be forgiven; because then we will be standing in front of God as our judge, and it will be Too Late to plead for mercy.


The Bible says ‘Now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation.’3 So today - before it is TOO LATE make sure that you:


Admit that you have sinned and deserve God’s punishment.


Believe that Christ died on a cross to take the punishment you deserve and rose again to give you eternal life.


Call on the Lord Jesus and ask him into your heart so that you will be saved.




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