Hope for the Nations: Paul's Letter to the Romans (A Corporate Reading) by Dr Tom Holland

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In this vigorously argued commentary Holland has produced a clearer and simpler reworking of his earlier scholarly work 'The Divine Marriage' to engage with the less expert audience. In this highly readable analysis, Tom Holland asks the reader to rethink familiar passages in Paul's Letter to the Romans in fresh ways.  


By offering numerous corrections to widespread misunderstandings of Paul, Holland's examination reveals how many of the false readings of this well-known epistle are controlled by eclectic methodologies that have in varying measure obscured the message of the biblical text. His argument for a corporate reading highlights how the forensic sense of justification should be maintained in the light of the broader covenantal context.  


Tom Holland's Hope for the Nations is both truly biblical and thoroughly theological. Holland shows how Romans contributes to our understanding of God's covenant arrangement with humankind.


Tom Holland is Senior Research Fellow in biblical studies at the Wales Evangelical School of Theology. He has a DipTh from Cambridge, a BD from London and a PhD from the University of Wales. Before entering academia e founded and pastored two churches in Hertfordshire England. He has written several international acclaimed books on the Bible and teaches and preaches in Universities, seminaries and churches around the world. He is married to Barbara and they have three daughters and five grandchildren.


Tom Holland is author of Contours of Pauline Theology (2004), an internationally acclaimed work. Visit the Tom Holland website.

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'The commentary digs deeply into current scholarship on the Old Testament roots of Paul's teaching, yet presents its conclusions in accessible language.' -Douglas Moo, Blanchard Professor of New Testament, Wheaton College.  


"Tom Holland always remains alert to the influence and relevance of the Old Testament and emphasizes the impact of Paul's thought upon the church as a community as well as on the individual as part of that community...a very salient and practical commentary." - Anthony C. Thiselton, Professor of Christian Theology, University of Nottingham.  


"I commended this well researched and well written book to the Church and believe that the reader will benefit from it as I have in my own reading. I trust and pray that the material will find a wide audience, for it is indeed most deserving of such attention. And it now takes its rightful place in that considerable library section on Romans, but stands out through both confession of true faith and courageous scholarship. Congratulations to Dr Tom Holland and the publisher for this valuable and timely contribution to studies on Romans." - Michael A. Milton, Ph.D. (University of Wales, Trinity-St. David's), Presbyterian (PCA) minister; Chancellor and CEO and the James M. Baird Jr. Chair of Pastoral Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary.


"Tom’s commentary invites readers to break away from fixed ideas and journey to new places. It is informed, scholarly, rich in exegetical insights, yet easy to understand. Utilizing historical and contextual hermeneutics Tom argues for a reading of Romans that is tied to the Old Testament Scriptures, rooted in Isaiah, is Christ centred and communally focused. I highly recommend it for pilgrims seeking to know God more." - Lawson Murray, President, Scripture Union Canada, 1885 Clement Road, Pickering, Ontario, L1W 3V4 Canada


"Tom Holland’s study demonstrates how a deeper understanding of the Old Testament, and particularly of its prophesied new exodus, can illumine Paul’s theology of the person and work of Christ in profound ways.  Here one will find scholarship that is not only solid but faithful, thorough and yet accessible—in short, scholarship in service of the church." - L. Michael Morales, Ph.D., Professor of Biblical Studies, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Greenville, SC



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Contours of Pauline Theology (Publisher: Mentor)


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ISBN: 978-1845506254 392 page paperback


"Dr. Holland provides a timely emphasis on the corporate and communal structures of Paul's thinking as well as on its roots in the Old Testament ......it provides a fresh and useful treatment of Pauline theology, and many of its arguments offer corrections to widespread misunderstandings of Paul." (Anthony C. Thiselton - Emeritus Professor of Christian Theology in Residence, University of Nottingham, and Research Professor, University of Chester)


"Holland's book will greatly help us to a better understanding of Paul and will hopefully trigger much fruitful scholarly debate." (Christian Stettler - Cambridge University)


"It is refreshing to read something radically new in such a popular area as Pauline studies. This book should provide a timely and fruitful alternative to some of the theological emphases that have guided the church for too long." (William S. Campbell - University of Wales, Lampeter)


"In constant critical engagement... Holland maps out new ways of understanding Paul and offers new insights into a range of absolutely vital issues from justification to Christology, and new insights into Pauline texts from Romans to Colossians. Challenging, unsettling and infuriating Dr. Holland's tour de force cannot be ignored." (Peter Head - Cambridge University)

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