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The Prophecy of Amos - A Warning for Today: Bible Study Guide Paperback £9.99


The virtually unknown prophet Amos bursts onto the pages of history with a warning relevant to his time. He confronts the nation of Israel with the unchanging nature of God and warns them to repent before judgment falls. As we study a period in the history of a nation that had turned its back on God, we draw disturbing parallels with our own time.


With verse by verse commentary and explanatory notes, Amos: A Warning for Today provides a simple introduction to the study of a period of backsliding in Israel’s history – and the warning from the prophet which read through modern eyes appears so relevant to our present time.

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The Revelation of Jesus Christ by Derek Williams


This book was originally given as a series of studies by the author during his time as Pastor of Sharon Full Gospel Church, Pontypool. Readers will find this book easy to read and understand. Although not intended as a technical commentary, it contains sufficient detail for the reader to form a good understanding of the last book of the Bible. Scholarly arguments about interpreting the text have been left out and only the clearest possible interpretation is given.


(ISBN: 978-1905809066 Paperback, perfect bound, 157 pages, RRP £6.95)

ESTHER epub Cover



(Paperback, perfect bound, 8.5" X 5.5" 94 pages. £9.99)


Discover how the elevation of Esther to the throne as Queen of Persia brought worldwide salvation for the Jews.


With verse by verse commentary and explanatory notes, Esther: Queen of Persia provides a simple introduction to the study of one of the most remarkable incidents in Israel's history - the rise to power of Esther, the orphan Jewess who saved her people from destruction.  






(Paperback, perfect bound, 6" X 9" 196 pages. £9.99)


Faithbuilders Bible studies provide verse-by-verse examination of the books of the New Testament. The series was developed over a long period as a useful resource for today’s students of God’s Word. Every study has been field tested and improved over and over again in real-life church situations.

Every chapter has thought provoking questions to aid study and sample answers are provided.



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A Bouquet of Blessings


(Paperback, perfect bound, 6" X 9" 86 pages. £5.99)


Originally published as a series of articles for a local newspaper. Now, full-colour illustrated, young and old alike will be charmed by the life lessons this book contains. ‘The presence of Jesus can be with us through every winter of discontent, leading us to the joy of spring!‘


Taken from her 60+ years of experience as a wife, mother, school head-teacher, and church minister, the 'unashamedly 80 year old’ Doreen Harrison brings a range of inspiring stories to encourage, challenge and bless readers of all ages.


A winning combination of inspiration and experience from the award winning author.   Read more...


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(Paperback, perfect bound, 6" X 9" 324 pages. £12.99)




These studies have helped me stand in the most difficult times of my life”

“I feel that I have grown spiritually through the study of God’s Word”


Faithbuilders studies will lead you to a deeper appreciation of God’s Word and its relevance for your life today!



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9781910942185 9781910942116 9781910942161

Jubilant Jeremy Johnson


(Paperback, perfect bound, 6" X 9" 34 pages. £5.99)


Jeremy grew up in the world renowned Johnson family. His father and mother were opera singers and as for his two sisters, one was a brilliant pianist and the other a violin prodigy. Everyone in this famous family was a talented musician ... everyone except Jeremy.


A charming story of one seemingly untalented young Christian boy's struggle to achieve.



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The Donkey Boy: Tales from the Life of Jesus


(Paperback, perfect bound, 6" X 9" 44 pages. £5.99)


Ben is like any other 10 year old boy in Galilee, taking goods and fish to market on the back of his donkey. That is why they call him the donkey boy.


But unusual things begin to happen when Ben meets up with a carpenter from the town of Nazareth.


This enchanting tale of one young boy's relationship with Christ appeals to readers of all ages.


Doreen Harrison's book draws on her experience as a school teacher and a church minister.

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Les Benedictions de la Grace de Dieu by Mathieu Baudin


(ISBN: 9781910942420 6 x 9 Perfect 106 pp £12.99)


Un commentaire sur la lettre de saint Paul aux Éphésiens. Quelque temps après sa conversion, Saul décida que son deuxième nom Paul était désormais plus adapté à sa nouvelle vie. Le Saul nom signifiait «destructeur» et c'est ce qu'il était autrefois, alors que le nom de Paul signifie «travailleur» et c'est certainement ce qu'il était devenu. Par la grâce de Dieu Paul reçut un ministère, quelque chose pour lequel il fut toujours reconnaissant, même s'il se toujours considérait comme en étant indigne. La vie de Paul illustre la grâce de Dieu, qui transforme ce qui est inutile, non rentable, et récalcitrant en serviteurs de Dieu de grande valeur.

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Massive Power Massive Love by Karl Ayling


(ISBN: 9781910942215 4.37 x 7 Perfect 114 pp £7.99)


Shocking… heart-rending… inspiring… compulsive reading. Karl grew up a fighter, living on the darker side of South London until the age of 41 when Jesus found him broken, dishevelled and suicidal. But he didn’t leave him there…


Karl Ayling’s honest and at times heart-rending poetry tells the story of his life, and allows the reader to journey with him from the darkness of despair towards salvation and eventual healing. Karl takes the reader through three key aspects of a transforming life: Healing, Forgiveness and Relationships.

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The Emergence of Pentecostalism in Wales by Dr Chris Palmer Paperback £19.99


Dr Chris Palmer's outstanding study uncovers documentary evidence which suggests that the Pentecostal church in Wales had an even bigger impact on world Pentecostalism than has previously been recognized.


In this book Chris Palmer gives us the first detailed and wide-ranging account of the emergence of Pentecostalism in Wales at the start of the 20th century.  He uncovers links that have been unknown to previous historians and shows the crucial importance of Welsh congregations not only to Wales itself but to the whole of Pentecostalism in the UK.  Set against a broad social background and supported by careful research there is much here to interest the academic historian and inspire ordinary churchgoers interested in understanding their faith.  - William Kay, Professor of Theology at Glyndwr University, Wales and Professor of Pentecostal Studies at the University of Chester, England.


Marital Imagery in the Bible  by Dr Colin Hamer


(Paperback, perfect bound, 312 pp. RRP £19.99)


Colin Hamer's thesis represents the only work in biblical scholarship that embraces recent developments in metaphor theory in its consideration of marital imagery.  


The best and most thorough treatment of this topic now available - Craig Blomberg




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The Pastoral Epistles : A Course Study in Practical Theology by Chris Palmer


(ISBN: 9781910942246 6 x 9 Perfect 70pp £6.99)


An essential course of study for church leaders and candidates for Christian ministry. The course is a study of the three New Testament Epistles traditionally attributed to the apostle Paul - The ‘Pastoral Epistles’ - 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus. This course-book will make the student aware of the issues surrounding the authorship, date and purpose of these epistles and discuss of the principles of early church theology, practice and governance described within them.


This course is meant to help the student discover how we can apply these principles to the 21st century Church, and so equip the student for Christian ministry as they lead the church of God in a modern context.

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A Garland of Grace by Doreen Harrison


(ISBN: 9781910942369 6 x 9 Perfect 78 pp color £5.99)


A winning combination of inspiration and experience! ‘Grace is amazing because the immensity of God was contracted to a span when—incomprehensibly—He became man.‘


In this book, the follow-up to her successful ‘A Bouquet of Blessings,’ Doreen Harrison once again draws on her many years of rich and varied experience to present a fresh selection of inspiring stories which are sure to encourage, challenge and bless readers of all ages. A Garland of Graces was originally published as a series of articles for a local newspaper. Now, fully illustrated, readers will be charmed by the life lessons this book contains.

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Coping with the Wobbles of Life by Doreen Harrison


(ISBN: 9781910942413 4.37 x 7 Perfect 62pp color £5.99)


Essential reading for everyone facing the problems of everyday life.  

Life brings many cares and troubles—how can we cope with these? How can we find the strength to carry on when everything seems against us?  


In this book, Doreen Harrison draws on her own 80 years’ experience, and her deep personal faith in God, to offer comfort, hope and humour in life’s difficult situations.

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9781910942475 9781910942390

Les Epitres Pastorales - Chris Palmer


(ISBN: 9781910942383 6 x 9 Perfect 70pp £7.99)


D'étude essentiel pour les dirigeants de l'église et les candidats pour le ministère chrétien. Dans ce cours, nous allons étudier  1 & 2 Timothée et l’épitre à Tite. Le but de ces études c’est de mettre l’étudiant au courant des controverses et des questions en ce qui concerne l’identité de l’auteur, la date de l’épitre, et l’importance de ces trois épitres, ainsi que de permettre une échange de réflexions sur les principes de la théologie de l’église primitive, leur mise en application et la question de l’autorité. On va concentrer surtout sur la pratique et la politique de l’église afin d’appliquer ces principes à l’église du 21ième siècle. Le but fondamental de ce cours c’est d’équiper l’étudiant avec une connaissance approfondie de l’œuvre du ministre chrétien en dirigeant l’église de Dieu.

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9781910942505 9781910942499 HOSEA

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Piety in Song by Peter E. Roussakis


(Paperback, perfect bound, 160 pp. RRP £19.99)


Hymns are lasting expressions of faith and worship. Hymns in German piety were written to serve as meditations and to teach individuals how to become better followers of Jesus.


This volume examines the thinking and influences which shaped the hymns which the Brethren chose to write and sing, revealing a great deal to the modern reader about their journey of faith and the spiritual progress of the movement from its beginnings to the present day.



"An excellent study of the spiritual themes found in the hymnody of the Brethren throughout the group's history" - David W. Music, Professor of Church Music, Baylor University, Waco, Texas.

Hosea: Prophet of a Broken Heart by Mathew Bartlett


(Paperback, perfect bound, 110 pp. RRP £9.99)


The prophet Hosea used the heart-rending story of his marriage to an unfaithful wife as a moving object lesson of the pain which God felt when his people Israel rejected his love. Rather than worshipping the true God, who had brought them out of slavery in Egypt, the nation had reverted to worshipping idols to such an extent that God was compelled to use the words of the divorce formula and say to them “you are not my people.”


In the midst of serious warnings for the unrepentant, the book of Hosea offers hope that no matter how far a relationship may have broken down, there are none which cannot be restored. In particular, our relationship with God can be renewed by his forgiveness and grace.

New Exodus in Hebrews by Dr Bon-chur Shin


(Paperback, perfect bound, 316 pp. RRP £21.99)


For many readers the Epistle to the Hebrews is among the most difficult books of the New Testament. Korean scholar Bong-chur Shin’s work provides a welcome insight into interpretive issues for the biblical scholars and serious students. The book provides an exegetical framework which helps readers navigate the meaning of the text, by examining the epistle in the light of the New Testament’s ‘New Exodus’ imagery.


‘An essential read for any who teach or preach from this important letter’ - Tom Holland



The Lion and the Lamb by Dr Pieter Lalleman


(Paperback, perfect bound, 96 pp. RRP £8.99)


An easy to read introduction to the book of Revelation by a respected biblical scholar.; Do you find Revelation hard to understand? Help is at hand! Dr Pieter J. Lalleman, Tutor of Biblical Studies at Spurgeon's College, London, takes the reader step by step through the challenges of the Bible's last and most difficult to understand book.


Rev. Dr. Pieter J. Lalleman is Tutor in Biblical Studies at Spur­geon's College, London.