This remarkable Bible study uncovers the teething troubles  in a newly planted church. Arrogance led to discord; sexual sin was being tolerated by the church; civil lawsuits had sprung up between believers; the spirit of idolatry pervading the city presented ethical difficulties.














The Prophet of Messiah: The Book of Zechariah


Zechariah's prophecies brought encouragement to the Jews at their return from exile, helping them rebuild not only their temple but also their national identity.


Yet Zechariah's message of hope pointed beyond the glory of the temple to one greater than the temple: the Anointed One (Messiah) who would become both priest and king forever over all nations.


This Christian book is an essential Bible study tool. 

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Bible Studies from the Gospel of Mark


One of our unique Bible study tools, ‘Faith-builders Bible study series’ has been developed a useful Christian book resource for today’s students of God’s Word.


Each volume is the result of many years of group Bible study, and has been revised again and again to be relevant, challenging and faith building whilst remaining clear and easy to understand.


Each chapter had thought provoking questions to aid study and sample answers are provided.

Do Good People Mark Cover Zechariah Cover Jesus is Coming Againedited ItisFinishededited

It is Finished Gospel Tract

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1 Corinthians book

The Pentecostal Bible Commentary 1 Corinthians

Our Bible study guide shows how the spiritual gifts which God had meant for blessing were being wrongly emphasised and incorrectly used; and false teaching concerning the resurrection threatened to bring down the faith of some.


As contemporary churches face problems similar to those in Corinth, Paul shows us the way out of such difficulties into abundant spiritual blessing, demonstrating that all churches have the capacity for spiritual growth and maturity.

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Gospel Tract Image - It's Too Late (Noah)

Noah & Soccer/World Cup Gospel Tracts!

To coincide with release of the new Russell Crowe blockbuster, this tract examines the true story of Noah and the ark!

A Unique Evangelistic Gospel Resource

Why not conduct a survey, large or small scale, among local people, using this amazing Gospel Questionnaire. This simple evangelistic tool can be used by anyone. It not only allows you to discover what attitudes people in your locality have toward God, but also helps you present the the Good News about Jesus Christ to them, leaving them with a question 'Would you be prepared to give your life to Jesus today?'


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Jesus Saves Gospel Tract Image

In time for the World football Cup in Brazil during 2014, these simple tracts explain how Jesus made the greatest save in history!

A Bouquet of Blessings was originally published as a series of articles for a local newspaper. Now, full-colour illustrated, young and old alike will be charmed by the life lessons this book contains.


‘The presence of Jesus can be with us through every winter of discontent, leading us to the joy of spring!‘


Taken from her 60+ years of experience as a wife, mother, school head-teacher, and church minister, the 'unashamedly 80 year old’ Doreen Harrison brings a range of inspiring stories to encourage, challenge and bless readers of all ages.


A winning combination of inspiration and experience from the award winning author!



Hope for the Nations: Scholar’s Book Corrects Misunderstandings in Paul's Letter to the Romans; Transforming Original Text


Painstakingly researched by Senior Research Fellow in Biblical studies, Dr. Tom Holland, ‘Hope for the Nations: Paul's Letter to the Romans (A Corporate Reading)’ takes readers deep into the world of the Roman Church and the culture into which Paul wrote his magnificent epistle.


By correcting misunderstandings that have existed for two-thousand years, Holland urges readers to rethink familiar passages in Paul's Letter to the Romans from a fresh perspective, and challenge their wider Biblical/theological beliefs. Read more...


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